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@patrickrhone Brutus. What an absolutely perfect name for the dog who looks like the epitome of "the Pom you don't eff with." So very sorry for y'all's loss, Patrick. Dogs are the best.

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@manton <waves from the north part of the metroplex>

@jaheppler It's been my main browser for a couple of months now. Only downside is manual-only updates, but they're a piece of cake, at least on macOS, from the command line.

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@Mtt Excellent! How might I acquire one?

@Mtt Where did you get your Invictus challenge coin? That's pretty sweet.

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@Mtt Looking good!

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@manton I just love the name Gruene. And saying it. And it's a great little town to boot. Been a while since we were down there.

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@help Got it. Weird. Those normally go right through. Thanks!

@manton @help Is there an issue with login emails not working? I've tried three times in the last 10 minutes and still not receiving the email with the link/verification code.

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@odd I imagine there will be some sort of legal requirement imposed.

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@kaa I got one from my wife as a Christmas present last month. I love mine. It’s a fantastic office bag.