And yes, I absolutely turned a Jack Carr book signing in to my own personal Jack Stewart book signing. Had to get his autograph on my copy of Outlaw, his awesome Clancy-esque thriller. 📚

And what a trooper, coming straight from the office to hang out!

Great seeing Jack Carr at Half Price Books again. I’m thinking Jack is going to need a bigger venue in Dallas in the future. Happy pub day, Jack!

Seeing The Goonies on the big screen with a couple of my Goonies.

Spending the morning watching this kid do his thing on the lacrosse fields. Complete team effort in the first matchup, resulting in an 8-1 win. Tougher competition in the next game.

Probably the best eclipse totality shot from the three family members in DFW area. Our high schooler captured this at school.

Best eclipse totality shot in our family came from our high schooler.

Getting ready to nerd out with the high schooler at Dune: Part Two!

Okay, this is funny.

Not quite ready to say what’s going on here, but I can assure you it has nothing to do with Iowa caucus results.

On the road with the oldest driving him back to college in North Carolina. As naturalized and native Texans, we fulfilled our obligation of stopping at Buc-ee’s. (This one in Leeds, AL.)

Narrator: It would not be necessary. #WentAndTookIt

Finished Joel Rosenberg’s latest last night, finally completing his Marcus Ryker series I began in mid-April. Stellar books, definitely recommended.

Immediately began Don Bentley’s penultimate foray into the Ryanverse. 📚

“Gotta support the team.”

Champions wear gold on Sundays.

Let’s close this out, LSU baseball!

#GeauxTigers #LSU

And in today’s metal mailbag, new Wytch Hazel music! And classics from Barren Cross, Bloodgood, Bride, and Petra, thanks to Girder Music’s sale.

Is it, though?

Reposted by my sister on Facebook. Original caption:

“Odin has really gotten into Casual Fridays. (Or maybe it’s Casual Wednesdays [Wōdnesdæg])”

Today’s @halfpricebooks find: large paperback edition of @wardlarsen’s first David Slaton book. Perfect for the re-read I have planned. (It’s been a long while.)



Very much so.



Rambo the Octopus Photographs Guests at the Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium in Auckland, New Zealand

Yeah, it’s a promo for Sony’s digital camera, but still pretty cool.