Stars win on the road in Edmonton, and Angel Hernandez retires from umpiring in the major leagues on the same day?!? God is good, y’all. God is good.

According to my college hockey player’s online reading, Golden Knights captain Mark Stone was injured in the handshake line following the conclusion of Game 7, and will be unavailable until the next postseason. #IYKYK

I will not be able to hear “they eliminated the defending Stanley Cup champions” enough in all postgame broadcasts.





Wild fans booing their team off the ice at the end of the second period.

State of hockey? It ain’t Minnesota.

#LetsGoStars #TexasHockey

Always a great night to beat the Red Wings, especially in Detroit.

And Joe Pavelski becomes the 11th U.S.-born player to reach 1,000 career points, with a characteristic tip-in goal!

#LetsGoJoe #LetsGoStars

With his goal tonight, Joe Pavelski is 8 points away from being the 10th U.S.-born #NHL player with 1,000 career points. And still the 3rd period to play. #LetsGoJoe #LetsGoStars

[vimeo 130711948 w=250 h=141]

There is nothing like being in the building when a team wins a championship. from Chris Turner on Vimeo.

The closing moments of game seven of the 2015 ECHL Finals.


Broken stick #2 on Flickr.

[vimeo 121101874 w=250 h=105]

Hockey Sounds from Scott Duffy on Vimeo.

Although I’m looking forward to spring/summer, I’ll be sad to see our backyard rink go. It’s been another great winter for outdoor skating and my two boys took full advantage. Despite getting his butt kicked by his older brother, my youngest son’s skating drastically improved over the last 3 months. No children were harmed during the filming of this video. Thanks to my wife Kelli for helping me shoot this past weekend and for putting up with my non-stop camera obsession. In this (quick cut style) video, either a person, object or thing is centered in every scene. Here’s a whole bunch of good ol’ Canadian hockey in under one minute. Crank it up on a good sound system or use headphones for a better overall viewing experience.

Shot using a Blackmagic Pocket Camera, edited with FCPX and coloured with DaVinci Resolve.

Music by: Matt Bauer “Western States” ( Downloaded from the Vimeo Music Store

Created for the Weekend Challenge:

Jules Winnfield Hockey Coach

Jules Winnfield Hockey Coach


2012-13 DSYTHL Squirt Green Champions on Flickr.

I’m so proud of these kids and the hard work they put in this season. It was humbling and amazing to watch them on their journey as a team, bonding and learning to play together.

I told our coach at the beginning of the season that I didn’t care if we lost every game, so long as the kids had fun and all ended up a better hockey player than they began the season. I meant it.

For there to have been across-the-board improvement, AND the team finishing in second place for the regular season, AND going undefeated in a tournament in Colorado, AND winning the league championship to cap it all off: the stuff dreams for your kids are made of.


Ready to go! (Taken with Instagram at Dr. Pepper Star Center)


Suiting up. (Taken with Instagram at Allen Community Ice Rink)


What happens after Dad takes a towel to wet hockey head. (Taken with picplz.)


There is so much awesomeness here, I’m parentally giddy. (Taken with picplz.)

Shootout at the Allen Corral

Our son Davis' hockey team was invited to hold a shootout during intermission between the first and second periods of Friday night's (1/29/10) Allen Americans hockey game. Davis is the sixth shooter, skating at the 2:15 mark.

Third skating lesson

Two weeks later, some more skating fun! The little phisch got better moving around the house without help, but seemed to regress when it came to getting up when he fell.

Click the photo to see the entire set.

First skating lesson

Whenever he's been asked what sports he wants to play, our son has been consistent: "Baseball and hockey!" The first skill required in hockey is the ability to ice skate, so with that in mind, we enrolled him in ice skating lessons earlier in the year. Of course, Dad had to take photos of the first lesson!

Click on the photo to see the entire set.

"Is the N in NFL for Nancy?"

The Dallas Stars have gone on the offensive, and hockey season hasn't even started yet. As part of a new ticket sales campaign, several billboards have gone up around the Dallas metroplex, poking fun at the other three major sports, all represented in the metro area. The jab at baseball is a little weak, if you ask me, and the obvious NBA poke is time- and scandal-sensitive. My favorite of the billboards, however, is the funniest and the most enduring. Taking a shot at the NFL, it reads:


Take that, Cowboy fans.

I wish Dallas would hurry up and score

The third overtime just began in Vancouver, and at 1:25 in the morning, I'm ready for bed. I bleed green, white, gold, and black, though. Go Stars!! Update, 1:27 AM: Somewhere about the 2:50 mark in to the third overtime, the game became the longest in Vancouver franchise history. Update, 1:51 AM: There will be a fourth overtime. Update, 2:33 AM: With 1:54 left in the fourth overtime, Dallas falls. It sucks to lose when you outplay and outshoot your opponent.