Michigan was all “We’re going to bring the Big 10 to the Big 12” and the exact opposite has happened. #LetsGeauxFrogs

I love that the expression on his face is “I’ve been Photoshopped on to what now?” twitter.com/Daily__Ow…

I remain baffled that a university named Bowling Green does not include green as a color in their school colors/athletic uniforms.

You have to love spammers.

“Your devices are temporarily locked.”

Really? How on earth am I reading this, then?

Again, if you’re going to give the metal treatment to a classic American spiritual, I cannot imagine a better outcome than 3 Days Under’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.”

Absolutely awesome. youtu.be/AfojkoSrV…

The only thing better than the Dallas Stars shutting out Ovechkin was winning the contest.

What. A. Game, Otter!!


Alright, since Apple broke the noise cancelation in the AirPods Pro, is there anything better for the same price out there?

Chris has discovered the Hair Metal Essentials playlist on Apple Music.

I am old enough to remember when Apple still assembled Macs in California and in Ireland. I bought Macs made in those places.

It’s good for Apple to be looking at getting out of China, but it could at least look into bringing manufacturing back to the same hemisphere as their headquarters.

iPhone home screen, 1 December 2022

There have been some changes.

Game day for High Point Hockey in Knoxville as they take on Tennessee. Rooting for our hockey player in his third outing of the season. www.highpointhockey.com/articles/…

The Dallas Stars need to dump the garish, all-“Victory” green jerseys and make these reverse retro unis their full-time dark attire. So sharp.

Today was repping Stryper, but tomorrow will be time to promote the release of Les Carlsen’s new album, “He’s Coming!”

“Tim Cook Says He’s Ready To Pull Twitter From App Store Once President Xi Gives The Order” babylonbee.com/news/appl…

Once again, satire hits hard.

We were picked to finish last or next-to-last. Instead, #LSU beat Bama and won the SEC West. We over-achieved per expectations. Players bought in to the system. Now they need to develop within it. Future looks good. #GeauxTigers

It’s a game played by kids, half of them teenagers. Hormones. Brains not fully developed. There are perfect games, and there are absolute duds.

Don’t let your happiness be dictated by the outcome of such. Enjoy it for what it is. There’s always next season. #ForeverLSU

ESPN taking lessons from CBS on how to unnecessarily extend a college football game in this #LSU - TAMU contest…

Alright! @SouthernU_FB wins the Bayou Classic! #GeauxJags

Calling your movie “the motion picture event of a generation” before it’s even released is a sure-fire way for me to not to pay to see it. #Avatar2

This is some masterful trolling of the highest order.

(Wave of the phin to @brentmckinney.)