Dogs are just the BEST, y’all.…

“Our trustworthiness has really taken a huge hit these past six years. Maybe we should be more intentional and honest with our readers.”

“Nah, we’ll just double down on the click bait.”…

Finished building this masterpiece last night, just in time for today’s debut of #TheBookofBobaFett.

Also, #prouddad alert: this set was a gift from my oldest, purchased with his own money earned from his part-time job.

I feel seen.

Going to have to figure out how to move this up in the reading queue. #ChristmasBookHaul

“Nice suit. John Phillips, London. I have two myself. Rumor is Arafat buys his there.” #ChristmasMovie

Dear Fox, you should never, ever have ad copy for Joe Buck with the word “dopest” in it.

Corgi in Repose at Christmastime.

The Kirkland (aka Costco) brand trail mix has leveled up, with Peanut M&Ms being included now!

God, I love this aircraft. And good on Captain Bye for her coolness under pressure.…

A late happy birthday and a merry Christmas to me, because new @TheDollyrots has landed!

Looking like a good thing I haven’t paid much attention to my favorite Marvel character since the spectacular @MitchGerads/Nathan Edmondson run……

I’m so very happy the Saints could help Brady and the Bucs set a new #NFL record. #WhoDat

During last night’s recording of two new Empowered Parent Podcast episodes, Ryan informed me off-air of Sonic’s new hard seltzers. Yes, that Sonic.

Acquired today, and of course, the first one tried, Cherry Limeade. Yeah, buddy.

This is bloody brilliant.

(Language warning)…

“Your mother is totally lame.”

The timing. The delivery. This will never not be funny.…

Once again, I am mystified by the choices of the @NFL and networks to show me Raiders-Chiefs instead of Saints-Jets, or Seahawks-Texans, given Houston and New Orleans are the next closest teams to Dallas, geographically.

Dear spammers,

Perhaps sending email with the subject line “Exposed: This Could End Trump’s Presidency” in December 2021 isn’t the best strategy.

Thanks for the morning chuckle, “Alex.”

Mark my words: @thebrianfallon’s newly-released version of Amazing Grace is going to be used at some point in the next year over a montage scene in a drama series. Hauntingly beautiful.

If anyone wants 15% off an order from Tony’s Chocolonely for holiday treats, here’s your code: 3HOYIWDH