Yes, Virginia, you too can build a web browser without a single line of code. Thanks to Apple’s WebKit SDK, available here (free registration), the Mac OS X Developer Tools (latest version available via previous link), and these instructions by Brian Kendig. Presenting version 0.1 of WebPhisch(tm). It’s no Safari, but it’s a start. No, I’m not going to become a browser developer. Why would I, when there’s Safari? This is just to show the awesome power of Mac OS X and the tools available to developers. Think you can build a web browser in five minutes with .NET? Think again… (Yes, Michael, I used the metal appearance just like Safari. No, I don’t know why. Just because I could, I suppose. Yes, I used DropDMG for the disk image. [New version’s out!] Yes, this is just one of about a million Safari-wannabes now popping up on the Mac web…)

July 21, 2003