Ongoing site maintenance:

  • Killed the Retrolook” tab in the tab navigation bar
  • Subsequently, killed the old style sheet and index2.html file; so now the look you see (if you’re not just reading with NNW) is the only look available. Until I decide to start skinning the site…
  • Have begun conversion from .html files to .php. This will help streamline the amount of work I have to do, along with continued use of CSS, for the look and feel of the site. So if your bookmark for the main page is _, rather than just _http://www.retrophisch.com_, you’ll need to update with the latter.
  • As part of this conversion, the Retrophisch Read(tm) page is now rendered via PHP as well and has the new site look. Other pages to follow.
  • So far, it appears that the old archives have remained intact as .html files, as well as having .php peers. So everyone who has permalinked to me (Lee, Michael, Eric) shouldn’t have to re-link.

If you have linked to me, and you find the permalinks breaking, the quick and dirty fix is to replace .html” in the link with .php”. And my apologies if you have to do so; such is the price of progress.

July 14, 2003