Ronnie the bear

The Santa Barbara Council of the Navy League of the United States, a civilian organization that supports Navy and Marine Corps families, has adopted the new Nimitz-class carrier USS Ronald Reagan, CVN-76. While the floating cities that are today’s aircraft carriers are well appointed, there are numerous things not found aboard ship that many of us take for granted. The Santa Barbara Council and other similar organizations raise funds to provide our sailors and Marines with the sort of amenities that make life at sea all the more bearable. Like transportation when they arrive in port; bet you didn’t know that once you hit the docks, you’re on your own, did you? One of the things the Santa Barbara Council hopes to raise money for the Reagan is a van, or vans, for in-port transportation. Not only does this keep our fighting men and women from getting ripped off by local transportation, it’s safer for them to boot. The big fundraiser for the Reagan through the Santa Barbara Council is the selling of the Ronnie the bear Beanie Baby, starting next week. The bears will retail for about $5. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to the Santa Barbara Council, which will in turn use the funds for their Reagan projects. Honor those who will serve aboard the ship that honors the man who won the Cold War. Buy a Ronnie bear Beanie Baby and show our sailors and Marines you care.

July 10, 2003