Time to turn off the Saudis

Yet more and more proof that Saudi Arabia is no friend of the U.S. continues to surface. This time, it’s in the form of billions given to Palestinian terror groups over the past five years. For too many years, Presidents and Congresscritters of both parties and every political stripe have continued to turn a blind eye to the activities of the Saudis. Activities which include Christian persecution, numerous human-rights violations within their borders, aimed mostly at foreign national females working in the kingdom, as well as growing their own individual Muslim terrorists, some of whom participated in the September 11th attacks. President Bush, please have the courage to take a stand and denounce these allies.” Turn your attention to increasing oil production here in the States, including drilling in ANWR if necessary. Decrease our dependence on Saudi oil, and increase the pressure that this terror-funding religion of peace” kingdom turn its eye to a republican form of government.

July 9, 2003