Mr. Marx, Mr. Turner. Mr. Turner, Mr. Marx

Yet another instance where I am ashamed to share a surname with this moronic windbag:

Monday morning on Today, however, Turner maintained that Iraq is too small to pose a threat” to the U.S. and kept up the usual liberal mantra about how poverty fuels terrorism as he told Matt Lauer that trying to make it a better world is my top priority. A more equitable world, that’s really the best way to combat terrorism is to, is to build a world where nobody’s angry enough to want to be a terrorist.”

You can read the full analysis here. I’d like to see poverty erased from this planet as much as the next person, but you don’t go about it in a way that smacks of communism. We have seen that experiment fail in our lifetime, yet people still think it is the answer.

February 11, 2003